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updates on my application for Skilled – Independent (Migrant) Visa Subclass 175

IELTS Review


I’ve been reviewing for a couple of months now and I’m still not confident enough to take my IELTS exam scheduled on October 8, 2011. I still need to practice on my writing and speaking skills.

For writing, I need to refresh on the SUBJECT VERB agreement as IELTS don’t have grammar checks similar to the one in MS Word.

For speaking, I really get nervous and tends to black out when there is an interviewer in front of me.

I still have a month to hone my skills in these modules. I really hope I can get my desired band score needed by Australian Immigration.

Author: Kathleen

An IT professional who enjoys life to the fullest. She is also the owner of Kathleen's Daily Musings Lifestyle Blog. LIVE - LAUGH - LOVE

17 thoughts on “IELTS Review

  1. Hey Kath…

    Good luck to your ACS assessment and also on your upcoming IELTS exam. My friend and I are following your blog , ww will submit our ACS application next month. Your blog is very helpful. Keep it up.


    • Thanks Art. :)

      Goodluck with your applications too. it’s gonna be a long wait for everyone. I hope all our results will turn out to be positive.

      Happy to be of help. ;)

      • Thanks Kath.. next month na kami magpasa ng friend ko.. medyo confuse pa on what job to nominate .. im thinking if mag enrol pa ako ng short course.. what’s your course if you don’t mind me asking?

      • Hi there.. I’m guessing you knew my blog thru PinoyAu? What’s ur username there?

        Anyway, nominate the job that you know best. Kung anu ung pnakamatagal mong job title to be safe. I took up BS ComSci nung college. :)

  2. i was inspired to create my own blog as well.. i hope i could track my timeline just like what you’re doing… thanks kath

    • Yeah, create one too! It’s nice to keep track of what happened during your application. It will help others who are planning to migrate in Aussie too. :)

      • Thanks Kath.. yung career path ko kase if for PM role na so I’ll nominate ICT Business Analyst. I’m just waiting for couple of COEs then im ready to submit via ACS website by October 7 or 8. okay lang kaya mag submit on a saturday online? Nalaman ko blog mo from my friend na mag apply din, her name is Yssa.. Kashichi username ko sa hehe Take care

      • Aaahh.. hi Kashici.. nice meeting you.. gudluck din sa ACS application mo.. sana matupad ang ating Aussie Dream. :)

      • How’s your IELTS review? Saan magandang mag enrol? any recommendations?

      • Okay naman ang review ko.. self study ako sa British Council. Will try to blog about it pero dme ko pa kseng pending blog entries sa Personal blog ko: Try visiting that too. Hehe.

        Anyways, you can try HighPoints IELTS if you’re near Sta. Mesa.. yung sa 9ner (Niner) kse parang may narinig akong di magandang feedback. You can also check Ahead or MSA.

  3. Hi Kath… yup nakita ko na rin blog mo.. cool.. i like it though mas like ko itong sa wordpress kase less ads hehehe.. i’ve been busy with gathering requirements and finally i completed it and im now preparing for my MCP on Monday.. wish me luck .. Thanks sa recommendation mo ng review center.. goal ko is 8 para sure ung 20 points hehe..

    • Wow!!! MCP.. ang galing galing naman!! Yup, good luck sa exam.. kaya mo yan. :)

      Sana din ma-pass mo na din ang req mo for ACS. Dumating na yung akin. Post ko in a while. :)

  4. thank you.. kaya for the next 4 days focus ako sa review.. isasama ko na rin sa application ko sa ACS ung certification ko.. I am excited for your success :)

  5. nice new background….

    waahhh .. later punta na ako sa MISNET to pay for the exam, i’ll sched oct 3 9AM. puyat nga ako lagi sa review..

    goal din namin ng friend ko yan… kase based sa initial assessment ko is guaranteed 50 or 55 points na so to be sure i need to get 8 for 20 pts.. hehe

    30 sa age
    15 sa education
    10 work experience (if 5 years will be credited to me, still hanging in the balance), if 3 years lang credit then I need 20 points for IELTS else 10 pts will give me 65 pts.

    i’ve followed you on twitter :)

  6. Thank you.. para kse mas colorful! Hahaha..

    Wow, ayan go na go na yan at magbabayad ka na.. Hahaha! :) Ok lng, yan, isipin mo n lng ang benefits ng pagpupuyat mo.. dba? God bless your exam..

    Same tayo ng points! Pero yung years ng experience ang confusing for me.. Pero either ways, sana umabot talaga ng 8 yung sa IELTS. Gudluck sa atin!

  7. yes kat… kaya natin yan… go for gold…. :) i’ll go now to MISNET and pa-reserve na then punta ako Mckinley para kunin ung last COE ko from my 1st work… then i’m ready na… God Bless :)

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